Sat Manav Tattoos & Talismans

Life-enhancing art for personal transformation


The Sat Manav Experience

Sat Manav Tattoos & Talismans is a studio like no other. It is a Yogic Arts studio run by long-time dedicated Yogi and artist Bhagavan Das “Shug” Shyam.  

“Spiritual art is a tool and a magical guide for your personal journey towards your highest potential. Together, the level of sincerity, focus, and intent that we put into the process will dictate the final result” ~ Shug Shyam 

All consultations and sessions at Sat Manav Tattoos & Talismans are by appointment only. There is only one client in the studio at any time. This helps cultivate the most powerful connection between you and your artwork.


The Yogi Artist

Bhagavan Das Shyam

My name is Bhagavan Das Shyam and I’m a Yogi from the mountains of western Maine. I’ve been studying sacred art and empowered art forms for over 20 years. As a devoted practitioner of Yoga and meditation, I live to bring positive meaning, healing, transformational power, and the blessings of the Yogis into my work. 

I believe and experience that the purpose of tattooing is transformation and life-enhancing growth. Given the right circumstances, this ancient and sacred art form can yield no less than magical results. Each step of the process, along with the power of intention and other factors that are utilized to make the work happen, all play a vital role. 

I have always believed that any art form that came through my hands was not from my own mind, but from a connection to something much bigger. This intuitive feeling became a lifelong pursuit when I moved to Sat Manav Ashram at the age of 19 Since then I have studied, trained, and practiced traditional Yoga under the guidance of my Gurus, including initiation into advanced Yogic practices that align the body and mind with its true purpose. 

I travel extensively, teaching, sharing knowledge of Yoga, tattooing, building custom conscious woodwork, and performing music to help raise the level of positivity on this planet for the benefit of all beings.

As a Yogi and artist it is my goal and passion to create work that is rooted in life transformation for the benefit of all beings. My work is inspired, and energized through over 20 years of intense training with Yoga masters, practicing and studying the highest potential we possess as humans, our role we play on the planet, and how Yoga makes this potential possible.


Sacred Art Offerings



Spiritual tattooing is a tool and a magical guide on your personal journey towards your highest potential. Together with the artist, the level of sincerity, focus, and intent that you put into the process will dictate the final result. To support our Yoga lineage, I have been tattooing my fellow Yogis at Sat Manav Yoga Ashram for over a decade. I opened Sat Manav Tattoos & Talismans in November 2018 to make the power of sacred tattoos available to everyone.


I am inspired by Yoga’s incredible use of art, specifically yantras, energetic geometric patterns, and visual talismans. I have trained extensively and received initiation into the sacred art of Yantra creation. I’m an experienced Yantra painter and am regularly commissioned to bring the power of Yantras into peoples’ homes.


As a craftsman, I love to create custom building and carpentry projects that reflect the naturalness and beauty of Yogic life. I have extensive experience in natural construction, carving, and custom furniture making.


I am a member of Shiva Lila, the Yogi trio of Sat Manav Yoga Ashram. We play to expand our experience of reality though sound. Sanskrit chants create frequencies of fulfillment and enlightenment, known as Nada Yoga—“union with sacred sound.”
Sung in a call-and-response format, Kirtan is a true concert, an opportunity to come together, celebrating our most precious possession: Life!



Sacred Studio at

Shilo Farm


Sat Manav Tattoos and Talismans is part of the wooded sanctuary at Shilo Farms in Eliot Maine. Removed from the distractions of city bustle or noisy streets, this environment supports your tattoo session to be a meditative and healing experience that creates a powerful connection between you and your artwork. Many people leave their tattoo session feeling charged with spiritual and physical energy.

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