The Process


It Starts with Intention…

At the beginning of each new piece of work together we will meet and discuss where you are in life, where you are trying to go, and help establish the pure clarity of how to get there. In this way the actual tattoo or artwork is an expression and a guide for establishing your higher potential and for your purpose on this earth.

Each of us has a different story to tell, where we came from, what drives us or doesn’t, and how we feel about ourselves. At the core of that however we are all the same, trying to find meaning and ultimately fulfillment in this life.

Through our meeting and meditation time we will look at all of this, clarifying the intention that helps you get what you ultimately want: Happiness and Purpose…i.e FULFILLMENT!!!

It is common knowledge now with the modern science community that everything is made of vibration, and that these vibrations are created and even “put out” directly by what we feel and what we are thinking, this is how it begins.

Reading the Signs…

It is through this medium that the piece comes to be. As we define purpose in this introductory meeting, the more our vibration fields align and take “form”.

It is through a lifetime of devotion in the practice of Yoga and meditation that I read these energies and experience what they are saying, and more importantly what they are creating. This is where the image is is conceived.

Intention and Attention

Attention is the tool that we constantly use to manifest and “get what we want”. So much so that any reoccurring thought or emotion will start to manifest into reality, this can be good or bad depending on the vibration and intention.

When we put a clear intention for life enhancement together with a focused attention the results are well, magic! As we consult and meditate in our our time together we are honing in on the most concise intention for you and your personal transformation.

We then start to work with that intention, putting attention on it, meditating with it, and then tattooing it on you!

Its a 1, 2, 3!

After we have initiated this process, we will typically work together during the rest of the initial to close up loose ends, communicate any other important aspects, and prepare for the design.

Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!