Receiving a tattoo is a sacred and lasting moment and I cannot imagine having one done by anyone else. I am humbled and grateful to have been able to receive such a sacred design. Clean, careful, thoughtful, and fantastic imagery! I highly recommend Shug!
— Susy Sanders
To be held in such a sacred way (ceremony) through the entire process of design, intention & execution of my beautiful tattoo ~ it is hard to put words to what I feel.
Shug is an incredible artist, who took the time & energy to work with me on a design that would visually represent what I felt in my heart & soul.
It is (and may continue to be) one of the more simple of tattoos he creates, but to me, it is pure magic.
Cherished with heartfelt gratitude 🙏🏼
— Lisa Kawski
I can’t imagine more love flowing through a needle.
— John Miller
Beautiful and spiritually designed and developed together with Shug.
I have received 2 tattoos so far and plan on adding to them. Love them and this place!
— Meg Reategui
Had an incredible experience working with Shug around the creation of my first tattoo! I have always had a difficult time settling and deciding on the right time and place to get one, but I now know the reason why. The universe was waiting for me to meet Shug at Sat Manav Tattoos!
— Jake Fahey
My experience was phenomenal. Shug held space for the full intention of my tattoo and spent a lot of time honing the design, bringing in influence from his own background and spirituality to meet mine. The piece feels like a collaborative one in the best way, and absolutely pure. I am so grateful. We were in full dialogue every step of the way—we spent time together mixing colors to create a truly unique piece, we laughed, we shared stories. It’s still in its peeling stage and I’ve already received so many warm compliments. I look forward to our next sitting and I would recommend anyone in search of a talisman, or a tattooing experience outside of the current realm of western ordinary, to seek him out. Ohm Shantih Shug, thank you.
— Audrey Gidman
Shug is a creative and skilled artist that puts great care into his work. His belief in the power of tattoo guides all aspects of the process and makes for a very positive and complete experience. I highly recommend his services.
— Ciaran O'donnell